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Motivational Speaking

Speaking About Change, Resilience and Personal Energy Management.

Attention Organizations! Are you looking to inspire and empower your employees for your next Staff Development Day? Or, is your organization going through change and you want to avoid chaos, keep the business afloat and empower your employees to take charge of themselves?

Book now and inspire and empower your staff with “Rising Powerfully from Challenging Situations!” See testimonials below.

Equip your staff with cutting-edge tools and strategies to overcome the feeling of overwhelm, the challenges ongoing change creates, and inspire your employees to take charge of themselves while educating them on resilience in the workplace.

Whether it’s for a full day of Change Management Training or a keynote address on Resilience and Personal Energy Management, these presentations will help your employees to:


  • Take charge of their life circumstances
  • Understand the phases of change
  • Increase their self-awareness and accountability
  • Deal with stress in a constructive way
  • Increase their confidence & decision making skills
  • Bounce back quickly from challenging situations
  • Foster team cohesiveness and rapport
  • Transform themselves to meet new requirements

Transform your overwhelmed employees to empowered employees!

Testimonials from participants attending this training:

What a wonderful opportunity for us to receive this mentoring which will assist not only in current employment transitions – but provides strategies for improving your life. Thank you Julie!” Ruth – Ottawa
I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of the course as I was already feeling prepared, mentally for the upcoming change. That being said, I was impressed with the discussions and information that was discussed. I now feel more prepared and excited for the possibilities and opportunities that will arise.” JT – Ottawa
“I appreciated Julie’s workshop on Change Management; it was by far the most productive workshop I have participated in within the public service. I feel all public servants should have the chance to take it regardless if the group is sun setting or not. Proactively knowing how to deal with this type of event is vital for every public servant.” Ninar Younes – Ottawa
“Very eye-opening and uplifting! A new perspective on how I’ve been living life (without realizing it) and how to improve going forward.” E.C. – Ottawa
“I was skeptical to begin with coming to the course. Julie presented very well and related examples to the class practically. Enjoyed my course. Worthwhile and useful to me.” Alex Church – Ottawa
“I was very fortunate to be able to take this course. I plan on using what I have learned and applying it. Thank you! Keep doing what you are doing!” 
This was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this course to everyone. Julie was one of the best presenters I have ever had in a course. She is very engaging, knowledgeable and I have learned a lot from this course.”