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Freedom to Be You

Do you let what people might think of you, stop you from doing what you want? Do you doubt your capabilities of reaching your goals? Do you try to constantly “fit in” and in the end this process is exhausting and actually annoying to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on. 

Day in, day out I meet people that do not have the confidence to simply be themselves. They discover they fall in the “people pleaser” trap and have a hard time speaking their mind to avoid conflict or rejection. They say yes even though “no” is what would be best for themselves and later experience deep resentment within and don’t know why they have bouts of anger and impatience. This is not new and can stem from as far back as childhood experiences that have not been resolved. So our past experiences, through our subconscious mind controls how we see, think, feel and act in our adult life… in the present moment. Serious stuff!

To make any changes around this serious stuff, one must decide to self-develop. What I mean is, you must have the desire to get rid of the junk (limiting beliefs, repeated patterns and BS) in order to be able to feel good about yourself and know who you are at your core, which is simply amazing. It is possible and the most rewarding and uplifting action you can do for yourself. And remember, you take care of yourself and experience self-love,  then you are able to take care and experience love authentically.



There are four pillars to being your authentic self and I will share them with you along with some questions that will help clear the mud a bit.



No.1 Self-Awareness

This is where you sit down and reflect on… who are you having a difficult time being yourself with? When do you catch yourself shrink and almost disappear? When are you stressed out? Who are you with? Who do you have a hard time saying no to, but would like to? What is the impact of all of this having on you? How is it affecting you physically, emotionally and energetically?

Self-Awareness is key to any change. Avoid judging yourself or others when doing this exercise. You are taking the time to simply observe yourself, your feelings and actions and getting out of autopilot! Awesome!!!

No.2 Self-Discovery

Self-Discovery is about figuring out who you are, what you desire out of your life. What are your values and what’s most important to you right now? When thinking about your personality traits, do you think you are funny, shy, intelligent, introvert, secretly flamboyant, predictable, giving, athletic, direct, methodical? Did you discover negative traits you might have? Like selfishness, blunt, lazy, compulsive, false, selfish, gullible, vindictive, naive, and moody? What do you love to do? What do you despise? What are your dreams and aspirations?

It’s all about discovering the good, the bad and the ugly of oneself and one’s desires and seeing that there is purpose behind everything we experience in life. Again, no judgment. It is what it is. Discovering all that we have been, are and can be is your fuel to changing what’s no longer working for you. Keep reading, it’s all going to make sense.

No.3 Self-Acceptance

This is about being able to see the truth behind what’s good, bad and ugly without judgment and fear, but rather with love and forgiveness. This is where true transformation begins. As I said earlier, everything happens for a reason and when you are able to see that truth, self-judgment disappears and self-love comes in! This is where you also discover that judging an another is simply a reflection of something you are not accepting in yourself. Questions to ask yourself: Are you always selfish? Are you always lazy? No. Are there benefits to having those negative traits? Yes there are,  just like there are drawbacks to being nice, giving and intelligent. The truth sets you free and allows others to be as well!

No. 4 Self-Growth

When you’ve realized so much about your behaviours, your way of thinking and have let go of the false beliefs you’ve carried around with you all of these years, there’s no choice for self-growth. This is where there is a shift within and this is where you start living differently. Making conscious efforts in making choices that are best for you and learning to radiate love and your true self. You end up growing into the grander version of who you are and start seeing positive changes within and in your life. Truly empowering!!

These four pillars are monumental and with proper guidance and tools you are able to truly get rid of the junk that stops you from living and creating the life you want! Are you interested? If so, I would be honoured to accompany you through your transformational journey. I have a few spots left for a program that is beginning in November 2015 which will cover all four pillars to your authentic self and take you through a series of heartfelt exercises that will support your empowering transformation.

Want to know more about these four pillars and see if this program is for you? Schedule a free phone discovery session with me and let’s discover what could work for you based on where you are on your journey. No strings attached and no pressure, guaranteed! 

Schedule-discovery-coaching-sessionI look forward to hearing from you!

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