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Energy Therapies

Energy Therapies

Do you experience stress and anxiety and it’s getting in the way of enjoying your life? Do you have physical ailments or illnesses that you would like to treat holistically? Do you have recurring patterns or emotions that you just can’t let go? Would you love to receive a liberating and powerful Energy Therapy with Julie that will help you release blocks, ideas and tensions that get in the way of being your powerful healthy self?

Nurture your body and mind by receiving an Energy Polarity therapy.

Nurture your Soul and book a Chakaura™Structural-Balancing therapy that will restore a healthy SoulEssence™ flow of integral life giving energy throughout your entire body. When energy flows, you feel better, healthier, more balanced and stronger. Abundance, success, and those positives changes you wish to create become more easily accessible.

It is now a well known fact that all physical imbalances begin on an energy level where delves the mind and our emotions, and where our ideas can have an effect on our health.

Many health issues are a result of unresolved conflicts, emotional traumas, bindings, stressful and/or negative mind-sets. As you experience a healthier flow energetically, you experience a healthy shift physically.

“Nurture your soul… and your mind & body thanks you”


Julie is certified and recognized by Chakaura™ Institute of S.O.U.L. as a  Chakaura™ NEP Practitioner (Naturopathic Energy Practitioner). She is honoured to be sharing these powerful healing therapies with her clients. Her calling has been to help individuals heal and find balance in body, mind & soul. She is qualified to fully support you on your journey of transformational change.

Distance therapy:

Would you like to benefit from an energy therapy but you are not in the Ottawa area? Julie has been trained to do Energy Polarity therapy at a distance. You can receive a therapy in the comfort of your own home. All you need is about 1 hour of private/quiet uninterrupted time and Julie will be able to administer the therapy from a distance that your body needs.  Her clients experienced great healing through distance therapy as far away as Vancouver BC and Sault Ste. Marie ON.

How much does an Energy Therapy cost?

$195 + HST for an Energy Polarity therapy

$250 + HST for the Chakaura Structural-Balancingtherapy

Julie can provide you with a receipt which can be claimed through your benefits as Naturopathic Services

The bonus is that Julie is also a Self-Development Coach and she incorporates coaching with her therapies to help you discover your inner-self, your inner-wisdom and patterns you may not be completely aware of. She does this with love, truth, respect and understanding of your personal journey.

Click here to schedule an Energy Therapy session with Julie.