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Personal Coaching

Have you said to yourself lately, “I know what I should do to get the results that I want… but I just don’t do it?” Do your fears paralyze you from moving forward? Would you love to change your negative self-talk to positive and productive thinking? Do you want to overcome your challenges without feeling depleted? Are you hungry for change and committed to your transformation? Are you sick and tired of holding back in your life and are ready for someone to show how to change that? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Julie can help you:

  • Overcome your challenges with courage and confidence (for ex: dealing with job loss or a separation).
  • Become clear, focused and grounded (really determining what’s best for you and making it happen).
  • Achieve the goals you’ve been yearning to reach (change careers, improve your health, leave a relationship that is not right for you, speak up your mind).
  • Live a fulfilling life with energy and abundance (learn to embrace and overcome your challenges while being  grateful for all that you have).
  • Remove the blockages that paralyze you from making healthy changes and re-construct your way of thinking so you can truly step in your power !

Experience richer transformations through one-on-one coaching and experience a change occurring deep within yourself with the results rising to the surface.

What about Personal Coaching with Julie?JulieRicher-105

Julie has an inner calling to share her wisdom, knowledge and experience with those who are hungry to move forward, who want to unleash their upmost potential, who want to let go of false beliefs and unproductive behaviors and instead develop constructive and productive habits. Her clients are people who want to simply live an enriched life. Is that what you want? Benefit from working one-on-one with Julie as she guides you to your inner self through coaching in an environment of trust and zero judgement. You will also benefit from the health & wellness knowledge she gained through her studies with Dr. John Demartini (Human Behavior specialist),  the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), so you can empower yourself with the tools and life strategies she has learned to implement in her own life. She has learned to control her mind, be increasingly present, let go of false beliefs, move forward with resilience and truly live an enriched life personally and professionally by continually discovering her powerful authentic self and aligning her aspirations with action! Want some of that? Julie has the international coaching accreditation ACC and has over 20 years’ experience working with individuals in need of guidance and clarity. She is dedicated to her clients’ growth and success, she is personable, down-to-earth, fun, energetic, healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit, and has tons of information you can download from her brain!

Energy work to remove the blockages:

Are you open to energetic healing therapies to remove the limiting beliefs and hidden patterns that paralyze you from moving forward?  If so, Julie is a Naturopathic Energy Practitioner and provides energy therapies that remove blockages, patterns and restore health . Click here to know more about Energy Therapies.