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Top 3 Productivity Tips

Have you been feeling that in the last 3 to 5 years of your life, things have just been spinning out of control? Do you feel like you are running on a treadmill at work and getting home exhausted? Did you notice that you have to put in more time and energy to accomplish all that you want, but still not feeling like you are accomplishing much? Unfortunately we only …Read More

Access Your Superhuman Energy!

This year has been full of Ah-ha’s for me and for my clients and it seems to be around how to have enough energy to accomplish one’s goals, stay focused, and be emotionally balanced, happy and healthy! Do you have the same goals and desires? I sure do — more and more each day I see people just like you wanting a positive change in one’s personal and professional life… …Read More

The Foundation to Creating the Life You Want

Have you been feeling dissatisfaction in your life and are looking for deeper meaning? What about feeling tired that parts of your past are still having a negative effect on you? Do you want to make positive changes, but are not 100% sure where to start? After losing my job and starting from scratch on building my own business, I realized that I was all over the place! Not only …Read More

Getting your power back!

Are there situations in your life that you still haven’t digested? Do you carry guilt from your past and you know deep down it affects how you think, feel and act? Have you been upset about a situation for days, months, or even years and wish you could just move on? Do you have the desire to step into your power even more and want to clear emotional junk that …Read More

5 Easy Strategies to Accomplish Goals

Are you tired of calling yourself a procrastinator? Do you wish you had more discipline to achieve your goals so you can feel productive and have a sense of personal freedom?  Let me share with you some tips on how to increase your self-discipline. Last week I delivered a workshop on Self-Discipline and ah-ha’s of all sorts happened by all of the participants. Some realized they were actually disciplined in …Read More

Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance… that’s a mouth full for some of us. Here I go with the deep questions… Do you have parts of yourself you wish could just go away? Do you catch yourself still doing things or saying things to avoid conflict and to ensure you are loved and accepted? Are you perhaps hanging on to guilt from past situations? Is resentment silently eating you up inside? Do you feel like …Read More

Prep for Your Success!

The New Year is here and many of us are right into our New Year resolutions and focusing on success! Now let’s hope that you don’t fall in those frightening statistics (80% of people fail) of those giving up partway through and not making the New Year resolutions become reality. If you want to ensure you are on the right track, take some “me” time and reflect on some quality …Read More

3 Steps to Managing Your Emotions & Gain a Sense of Control!

Do you ever feel some situations are going to make you flip out?!! Do you feel you have unresolved situations and emotions that are affecting you today? Do you bite your tongue and/or ignore your negative feelings and sweep them under the carpet? It is shocking how unresolved conflicts and suppressed emotions affect your health & well-being. First you might ask, what’s the problem with ignoring, suppressing and/or swallowing my …Read More

A Story About Self-Awareness

Do you catch yourself feeling blue and at times don’t know the reason? Are you feeling unmotivated or lacking the energy to complete your goals? Would you label yourself as a ‘people pleaser’ because you recently discovered you say “Yes” to things you would rather say “no” to or at least find the courage to say “let me think about it”? Too often we live life on autopilot, stay stuck …Read More