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Access Your Superhuman Energy!

This year has been full of Ah-ha’s for me and for my clients and it seems to be around how to have enough energy to accomplish one’s goals, stay focused, and be emotionally balanced, happy and healthy! Do you have the same goals and desires? I sure do — more and more each day I see people just like you wanting a positive change in one’s personal and professional life… once and for all! Enough with feeling overwhelmed, scattered, tired and hopeless — Read on if you are with me!

In the last few months I have been focusing on Personal Energy Management and teaching folks on how to fill up their energy reservoir so they can meet the ongoing demands in their life. I go to many different organizations that are focused on health and wellness and deliver empowering presentations on this very topic. I also have a four-month Webinar Program for individuals who want more self-care and a boost in their life!

Today, I want to introduce to you the four separate energy sources you have access to, as well as some of the energy depleting behaviours I see many people have. I will also share with you a simple strategy to help you live a more productive, healthy and enriched life!

#1 Physical Energy Source (the quantity of energy you have)

Depleting behaviour:

  • Eating too much or not eating enough and/or skipping breakfast


  • Control portions by eating just enough (stop eating when feeling 80% full). It’s takes 20 minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain.
  • Slow down and be mindful when you eat
  • Eat 5-6 nutritious meals (or snacks) a day to have a steady re-supply of energy – eat at every 2-3 hours
  • Eat a low-glycemic breakfast (whole grains, proteins, low-glycemic fruits, such as grapefruit, berries, pears and apples)

#2 Emotional Energy Source (the quality of your energy)

Depleting behaviour:

  • Worrying about other people’s judgment and how others view you and suppressing yourself for fear of rejection or conflict.


  • Focus on living each day on what you value the most. Focus on who you are, who you are becoming and what your goals are.
  • Be courageous in being yourself.
  • Know that no matter what, people will judge you… whether you are fake or yourself. It’s impossible to be what others expect you to be. The more you are yourself; the more you will attract genuine and like-minded people in your life.

#3 Mental Energy Source (the focus of your energy)

Depleting behaviour:

  • Multi-tasking – Neuroscientist say that multi-tasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain. Plus, it will take you 25% more time to complete your tasks when you go from one task to another.


  • Stop switching from one thing to another
  • Identify 3-5 tasks per day that you want to accomplish
  • Prioritize your work or tasks the evening before or first thing in the morning
  • Do the task that requires the most energy first thing
  • Focus on one task at a time
  • Take a break after 90 minutes of full focus

#4 Soul/Spiritual Energy (how aligned you are with what’s important to you)

Depleting behaviour:

  • Living in denial and shutting down a part of your soul by keeping unhealthy people, patterns and/or behaviours in your life. Ultimately cutting yourself off from fully engaging in your life and with the world. (*Avoiding the truth consumes great effort and energy)


  • Identify what you are escaping from or not dealing with
  • Avoid seeing yourself as a victim and ask yourself “What would my best self do in this situation?”
  • Allow whatever emotions or feelings be expressed (by writing and/or speaking about it)
  • Ask yourself what are the current consequences of not dealing with this situation and the long-term consequences?
  • Ask Julie for the workbook, “A Guide to Making it Happen”
  • Have the courage to self-respect and do something about it

Interested in seeing how well you manage your four energy sources? Access my short Energy Assessment Tool and raise your awareness on how you manage your life!

Only with awareness can you begin your journey to a healthier, more meaningful and empowered life! Your life is yours to own and if you need help or guidance, just reach out and send me an email at julie@richertransformations.com; I would be honoured to guide you!